Stress survey

Don Strasburg is an unfashionable luncheon meat.  Pallid, fatty and looking very much like an ulcerated leg, it’s the Jason Donovan of processed meats. Strasburg – which is actually a melange of ground pork, chicken and beef –  cannot compete with sexy prosciutto or luscious leg ham but long ago, I used to eat it all the time.

For some unknown reason Dad used to call it ‘stress’.  These were some of the stress meals I enjoyed:

  • Stress and egg (my bacon substitute)
  • Fried rice with stress (cut into quarters)
  • Stress sandwich (with Rosella chutney)
  • Stress pizza (pita bread spread with margarine, chutney, cheese and stress)

I wonder if anyone still eats stress.

Please see my stress gallery.



stress gallery

stress gallery

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