I am a freelance writer based in Melbourne, Australia.  I have written articles about everything from male strippers and dinner parties to Volvos and ageing in China. A significant part of my freelance writing is about food, glorious food. Lucky me, unlucky waistline.

I have also worked in the marketing and communications space for 15 years. This has given me a good head for the world of marketing and dovetails nicely with writing.

Feel free to say hello.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I just read with much amusement your piece on Teddy. How I laughed. I have four children, one boy and three girls, the youngest of whom is a baby. They have favoured toys, and have panicked if said toys have disappeared although none have had such an attachment as your daughter. It was an enjoyable read, thank you!


  2. Hi Kelly

    We all loved your article on Glen Waverley. It was a great place to live back in the day.

    I’m the mother of Craig and Scott Parsons!


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