Sino-Cockney Rhyming Slang

Cockney Rhyming slang originated in the mid-19th century in London’s East End. Rhyming slang was thought to have started among the lower classes as a secret language. We know that ‘brown bread’ means dead, ‘China plate’ means mate and ‘apples and pears’ means stairs.

Little is known about Chinese Cockney Rhyming slang which originated in Glen Waverley, Victoria in 2014. Following are some examples of this emerging language that will soon become the international language of business and trade.

Chairman Mao = cow
How now brown chairman or Time to go milk the chairman

Peking duck = fuck
I don’t give a peking

Dim sum = plum
Can I have a lick of your dim?

Bruce Lee = wee
I need to hang a bruce

Fu Manchu = poo
Desperate for a fu

Deng Xiao Ping = ring
Cause if you liked it then you should have put a deng on it” – Beyonce or I better change the deng tone on my phone

Fried rice = nice
Wow – she’s totally fried!

Hor fun noodle = poodle
I tried to pat your hor but it bit me.

Shanghai = thigh
That skirt is shang high or I need to drop a few kgs, I’m starting to get some thunder shangs


Where’s the loo? I really need to fu.


Don’t have a Chairman!


Fancy a peking?


What a fried man!

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