Introducing fashion correspondent: Dad Eng

Fashion guru, Dad Eng, rocks the suburbs with his frugal/vintage style. Disdainful of trends (and shopping centres), he takes a practical approach to fashion, feathering his wardrobe with whatever is available from collections past.

This retro bower-bird style is helped along by the fact he has maintained a slender waist line to rival Mick Jagger’s. Here are some of the key items and accessories he wears whilst scampering about the south-eastern suburbs.

Next time you are staring at your wardrobe, ask yourself: what would Dad Eng wear?

1985 Telecom t-shirt

Telecom tee in action

From an eighties Telstra (nee Telecom) corporate team building day where abseiling and the trust fall exercise were undertaken. Here is Dad Eng  busting it out at Christmas lunch 29 years later.

20150308_161259_resizedTelecom top, when Telstra was Telecom

2000 Monash University University Games uniform.

Monash university games shorts 1999

Only the shorts remain, but as Dad Eng would attest, they are in good condition.

1980-something (My) Brother’s pyjama top

Brothers pyjama top 1980s

Pyjamas are a little thin now but waste not want not.

1985 Sydney to Hobart merchandise

Sydney to Hobart yacht race 1986

Love a historical artifact.

1991 Girl’s Benetton wallet

Bennetton Wallet 1991

A Christmas gift (thank you Aunty Nita) that’s still going strong as far as Dad Eng is concerned.

Circa 1995 Legionnaires hat 

legionnaire hat

Full sun protection is no laughing matter

1999 My chef pants from tossing salads at ‘The Keg’ franchise.

chef's pants

Good sturdy pant for mowing the lawn in.

Dad Eng is available for fashion consultations.

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