Had a baby and stuff

Friday was a busy day. Opened my birthday presents in the morning and had a baby in the afternoon.

Father is resting peacefully and deriving comfort from icepacks and hydrogel breast discs on his grazed nipples.

Obstetrician and ward staff are seeking compensation for perforated eardrums.

Baby – Holly Nina Hines – is of middling height and weight. May she be kind and cheerful and achieve a PhD in happiness.

Rest of the weekend was uneventful, though I did see a pancake that (in the dark) looked like a slice of ham.

Holly Hines

6 thoughts on “Had a baby and stuff

  1. Oh, and congrats and stuff, I guess the baby news is kinda important. Unsure why you didn’t name her Marcia, but each to their own I guess.


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