About Fiona Payet

I don’t usually do things like this, but after meeting hairdresser Fiona Payet who owns Salon Royale at the Royal Children’s Hospital, I felt compelled to tell her story.

Fiona opened Salon Royale at the Royal Children’s Hospital three years ago. Her first client was a paraplegic boy who had to be wheeled in on his bed. From that moment Fiona decided never to charge a patient of the hospital and she has since gone on to cut over 700 kids hair (and counting) for no charge. She regularly helps out the parents and carers too, knowing that they are going through some extremely difficult times.

The unique sense of community she has created at the hospital is irreplaceable. Fiona is looking like she may have to close her doors in 2018 if business doesn’t pick up.

So I got off my arse (!) and started a Go Fund Me page for her salon’s rent. I figure if we can cover the 700 haircuts she’s done (and counting), this will help Fiona keep her doors open while more sustainable solutions are explored.

Have a read of Fiona’s story, help pay the rent and share.

Thank you for reading.


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4 thoughts on “About Fiona Payet

  1. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you Kelly for never disappointing with your expansive goodwill. This is a great action in support of Fiona Payet. You are both in the same league: committed communitarians. Well done Kelly. The world needs people like you and Fiona.



    • Thanks A 🙂 Here is a quote from one of the mothers which I thought encapsulated very well what Fiona gives:

      “Fiona is a godsend at the hospital. The salon was a hideaway from all the stress, somewhere to have a break and be pampered. So often I would drop in to say hi and she would make me sit down and the girls would do my nails, just because they could, to make me feel normal.

      Fiona shaved Rhys’ head during chemo, gave him his first post chemo haircut, pampered my daughter, cut my husband’s hair for a job interview when Rhys was in ICU and came to my boy’s funeral.

      This women is selfless, kind and has a huge impact on families… please donate. Thank you Fi for being a part of my RCH family. You are one of a kind… I have so much love for you. “


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