testing testing one, two, three

I’m not an early adopter of technology.  While the rest of the world is up to their seventh blog, I’m a laggard who is finally clambering aboard the bandwagon 15 years late. Melbourne property prices may be soaring, but for the low low price of $18 I can have my very own patch of cyber space!

This blog will have no theme. It is simply a playground for me and my excitable mind. Rest assured there’ll be posts about scones, my father’s outfits and some guest posts from my  imaginary dog Dennis Wongbert. WOOPH!

Now today’s first blog will be about vegetables I have known. This little critter pictured rolled out of my bag and under the bed. How or why we will never know. For now, lettuce just celebrate the fact that it did. I like how it tried to make roots. 20141006_185726_resized   I found these three stunners in a bag in a bag at work. They represent a standard portion size of vegetables. They increase office morale. 10531389_10152736571128319_1469742089723231700_o   This once-upon-a-time capsicum, named Hernie, spent a considerable amount of time in my car boot. He emerged in a bit of a state: desiccated. He had to be disposed of when I wasn’t looking. *sobs* Hernie

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