Had a baby and stuff

Friday was a busy day. Opened my birthday presents in the morning and had a baby in the afternoon. Father is resting peacefully and deriving comfort from icepacks and hydrogel breast discs on his grazed nipples. Obstetrician and ward staff are seeking compensation for perforated eardrums. Baby – Holly Nina Hines – is of middling […]

Mother knows best(ish)

Mother knows best(ish) With a baby on the way, it’s time to reflect on the wisdom Mother has passed onto me o’er the years. From cooking and fashion, to how to conduct oneself in photographs and the workplace, it’s safe to say that Mother knows how to navigate the jungle of life. Don’t wear heavy […]

On tennis and bondage

Me. Fox FM radio hosts Fifi Box and Dave Thornton. Doubles legend Todd Woodbridge. A rope and $5,000. A game of Cluedo doesn’t get much more interesting than this. Let’s rewind. In 2012, after two decades of playing tennis, a dicky knee forced me into an early retirement. I hung up the sweat bands and […]

Happy Birthday to me…

On your birthday people may try to sing Happy Birthday to you. You could be in a restaurant, at the family dinner table or crammed into a boardroom with indifferent colleagues. Wherever you are, it’s guaranteed to be awkward. While people sing at you, you must look a complicated combination of humbled, demure, grateful and […]