On tennis and bondage

Me. Fox FM radio hosts Fifi Box and Dave Thornton. Doubles legend Todd Woodbridge. A rope and $5,000. A game of Cluedo doesn’t get much more interesting than this. Let’s rewind. In 2012, after two decades of playing tennis, a dicky knee forced me into an early retirement. I hung up the sweat bands and […]

Happy Birthday to me…

On your birthday people may try to sing Happy Birthday to you. You could be in a restaurant, at the family dinner table or crammed into a boardroom with indifferent colleagues. Wherever you are, it’s guaranteed to be awkward. While people sing at you, you must look a complicated combination of humbled, demure, grateful and […]

We had too much to dream last night

Last night my partner had a dream. No, it wasn’t that ‘one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed’, though that would have been good. It was that the entire bedroom was suddenly flooded with sea water! Ocean creatures from near and far were crowding into the bedroom: porpoises, […]

St Petersburg’s Swan Lake – Mother’s review

Mother went to see Swan Lake the other night. Presented by the prestigious St Petersburg Ballet, the production has been called “lavish” and “solid” with “extravagant costumes”. Though apparently the bloke dancers were a bit average. Here are Mother’s thoughts on the production: Food and beverage: The $12.95 steak meal deal she ate beforehand at Crown Casino was good. […]

Stress survey

Don Strasburg is an unfashionable luncheon meat.  Pallid, fatty and looking very much like an ulcerated leg, it’s the Jason Donovan of processed meats. Strasburg – which is actually a melange of ground pork, chicken and beef –  cannot compete with sexy prosciutto or luscious leg ham but long ago, I used to eat it all the time. For some unknown […]

Dad Eng – for those about to rock

When I was small, Dad used to do the occasional international work trip. He was unimpressed with most places that weren’t Glen Waverley (his take on Germany was that eating too many sausages gives you pimples); however, one place he was impressed with was Japan. Here is Dad in the mid-eighties (note the enormous helmet of […]


Yesterday, on my lunch break, I walked by a blind man. The man was calling out ‘hello, hello?!’ and so I did the civic thing and asked if he needed help. He did. His seeing eye dog, Fischer, was malfunctioning. Fischer seemed to have forgotten his position description and was busy sniffing leaves, chasing his […]